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Personal Antivirus 2009 Removal

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One of the most dangerous Virus spreads on the internet and hit more than 10,000,000 Computer and Laptop in all over the World.

Fake Antivirus ” Personal Antivirus” it’s a virus or spyware infects the Computer and spreads in the Network.

You Could get it when you download some files or when you surf the internet. It gives fake alert and fake scan. it opens internet page and ask you to buy the software. Be careful, it could steal your credit card information.

computer repair Toronto, A2Z PC gets ride of Personal Antivirus and remove it from over 200 computer until now. They provide Virus removal in Toronto GTA. For people outside the city or the country can get the service Online through the internet.

This program is advertised through the use of Trojans that display fake security alerts on your computer. These alerts will contain messages stating that your computer is under attack or that malware has been detected running on your computer. When you click on these alerts, Personal Antivirus will be installed on your computer and automatically be configured to run when you start Windows. When running, it will scan your computer and display a variety of infections that cannot be removed unless you first purchase the program. In reality, though, these infections are all fake and are only be shown to scare you into purchasing the program.

download Malwarebytes, install it in the safe mode, do the update, then run full scan, click on remove all selected viruses then reboot the computer.Try to clean up all temp files using disk tools.


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