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Netbook’s Buyer Beware

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Many people are buying Netbooks, but they are not really informed at what they are buying. These are relatively low powered small laptops with great battery life and are mainly used for e-mail, internet browsing and note taking. Netbooks are great on- the- go devices, but you should evaluate what programs you really need, eliminate programs that you do not use, so you can keep your netbook running smooth and fast.

Most Netbooks can run at least double the memory that they are shipped with, they have 1 gigabyte standard module, but you can add a 2 gigabyte memory module to replace the one original 1 gigabyte module. Be careful, not all systems are upgradable and you may invalidate the warranty by opening the system, so you should call the manufacturer first and have them give you permission.

Netbooks are small devices. The screen is much smaller than most consumers expect. Consumers realize this fact when they run common programs that require more scrolling to see the entire screen. Be aware of the size of these devices and shop accordingly.

Be aware there is no DVD-ROM drive. If you wish to use your Netbook to view movies, than you will either have to buy digital copies from an online source or you will need to have an external DVD-ROM drive to use with your Netbook.

Some Netbooks come with Windows XP or Linux, and soon Windows 7 starter edition, be sure you get the OS you will be most comfortable using, because this will never be a Vista machine!

Be diligent and do your home- work before buying a Netbook. Checks out the reviews, almost all systems have been reviewed at one time or another.

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