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Choosing a Free Myspace Tracker

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Finding a free tracker for myspace has become a hot topic amoung bloggers and disgruntled myspace users. We have tested and tried all of the free myspace trackers and have only found 1 that is worth our members’ valuable time. Finding a worthy myspace tracker was a task in itself, and we can only hope that readers will utilize the information provided to make their decision. Please note that most of these myspace trackers are fake, contain spyware, exploit myspace security holes or are completely useless. Below is a list of fake myspace tracker services and their actual function.

Adware merchants such as was one of the worst adware sites to hit the myspace community. This site tricked users into downloading spyware brought to you by 180 Solutions, Inc. However note, this site no longer distributes adware, at least not for the time being.

Fake Bulletin Websites: Spyspace, Viewtracker and other dumb tracker names are basically just a trick to get users to repost a bulletin to increase traffic. These are highly successful for the owner in terms to traffic production, however are frowned upon by myspacers everywhere. (example: Do not participate in these as they only make you appear stupid.

Now that we have gotten the spamming scams out of the way, let’s go over some of the tracking websites that actually provide tracking.

ProfilePeep is soon becoming one of the most popular profile trackers, not because of their features but because of their marketing efforts. The service and information this website provides is useless. It does not sort by visitors, but instead by hits. There is no incentive to upload photos and the geolocation database is weak. They do not provide tools for their members to get better results except for 1 link. They also reveal IP which is very neglegent. 95% of users cannot find use for IP. The other 5% would only use this information maliciously. Read Privacy Policy regarding what they do with your email. is probably the most useless of the tracking breed. This website provides less information than profilepeep and because of its status with Myspace is non-functional. Once insterting the code into your page, automatically deletes the code, making this myspace tracker useless. This website rarely works. Read Privacy Policy. is a sham and a scam. During registration you are forced to complete a survey which asks for personal information such as street address and phone number. Once completed you are brought to a screen that says ‘The code no longer works on myspace.’ This website is a scam and will steal your time as well as your contact information. Read their privacy policy.

Beyond these scams, shams and lies there is actually a free myspace tracker worth your precious time. The tracker that stands above there rest is definatly The Space Tracker provides comprehensive visitor tracking and traffic statistics. These statistics are of premium grade and help greatly with friend tracking, marketing or overall entertainment. This myspace tracker WILL NOT tell you who every single person that visits your site is, expecting this feature in any free tracker or paid tracker for that matter is unrealistic. But if you have some patience, The Space Tracker provides tools that greatly improve your tracking results with minimal participation. If you want a free tracker for myspace, TheSpaceTracker is it! No other tracker can currently sort visitors by time, consistancy, users, month, hour and geographical location. The space tracker is the only solution that actually offers some structure. Users can now control what information they reveal about themselves and in turn those settings dictate the information that is provided from results. For example, if a member does not have a photo uploaded, then that member will not be able to view photos in their tracker. This makes for a better community as it definatly entices action by the user. No other free myspace tracker has ever tried so hard to provide members with decent statistics. According to’s admin, they are trying their hardest not to get zapped by myspace by providing the most myspace compliant tracker available. This tracker was also mentioned in The Washington Post blog and has gotten great reviews across the board.

All in all, TheSpaceTracker the only myspace tracker worth joining. TheSpaceTracker does not spam, install spyware or steal your myspace information. A free tracker for myspace is hard to come by without the correct knowledge, but with some helpful tips your free tracker for myspace is just a click away!

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