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Antivirus Software

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Antivirus Software is one of those crucial programs that you always need in your computer, especially if your computer is connected over a external network. They are in great demand today as the threats keep increasing with each passing second. It has become an essential part of all Computers.

Viruses: What are the dangers?

Viruses are one of those malicious programs written by specific people called hackers who have the intention of destroying personal data and destroy the computer working peace and then goes on to irritate the users. Each day at least a million users complain that their PC has got affected with viruses. Also these viruses are so malicious that they can sometime destroy the operating system as well. So care has now been taken and steps to reduce the viruses and increasing the security of the computers worldwide has started already in the form of Antivirus Programs which are provided by many reputed companies like McAfee, Symantec and a lot more corporate companies.

Why we need them?

Antivirus Programs have become a must for all those computers connected to the internet as there is an increased threat of computers losing to the strength of viruses. The companies offering these services know fully well the importance of protecting the computer user’s personal data. Also they are used to remove other types of malicious programs like Spy ware, Mal ware as well.

Which is the best one in the Market?

If we look at the best of Antivirus programs, then many will say it is Norton from Symantec which has earned a name for itself as being the number one. However there are many other reputed ones in the market as well in the brand name McAfee, Kaspersky, Bit defender and so on. It is up to the buyer to make a wise decision of buying the correct Antivirus software for his home or his office computer.

Most savvy computer users are extremely aware of both spyware and viruses. Both weave their way along the internet and into your computer without your knowledge. You may have heard spyware referred to as snoop ware, adware or crime ware. Spyware is notorious at entering your computer through sites that you visit with the assumption that the only thing that you are downloading is needed or requested information, and viruses can do the same. Spyware, once in your system can monitor your activities, collect data and return this information to its creators. At best your activities are reported, at worst your personal information is compromised and may be hijacked. Viruses are simply waiting to destroy your system; they can do this slowly in an inch by inch dance or explosively, as in the case of some of the more lethal computer viruses that have been seen. Both of these types of programs are very insidious and spyware itself is becoming more and more difficult to detect. Because of the damage that these programs can inflict upon your computer system, you need to have protection against both of these malevolent enemies.

You are familiar with the drill by now, your computer is functioning slower time to check things out. Chances are good that you are going to find your computer an unwilling host to spyware, and most likely not just one, but multiple cases of this unwanted pests. Nine out of 10 of every PC today that is connected to the internet is infected with one or more forms of spyware. Spyware will often have to be manually uninstalled and this is one of the more time-consuming jobs you will ever be faced with. The best way to prevent this from happening to you is to protect yourself with protective programs that are specifically designed to be anti-spyware and anti-virus. There are dozens of this type of program on the market and you can choose to buy them and install them yourself or they can be downloaded from a reputable and trusted site.

When you are looking for a spyware/anti-virus program for your computer you need to be sure that it is user friendly and interfaces easily. It should have regular automated modes of updates that allow it to keep abreast of the newest forms of threats. It should be able to stop the threat in its tracks and not allow it in to your computer at all. In other words, you should be able to browse safely without worrying about any sort of infection. You will have to carefully read the descriptions of all anti-virus software which you are considering in order making the choice best for you. The highest priced anti-viral package may not be any better in performance than a more modestly priced one. Remember, the free ones that are often advertised do not generally have a great deal of the qualities that you need for the best protection.

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