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January 30, 2012 Off

Fast Food Advertising to Children

By in Weight Loss

Over 10 billion dollars is spent on fast food advertising to children annually in numerous fashions. The majority of these ads are for food and drink that is high in fat, sugar, calories, salt and low in nutrients. Its not as much the advertisement itself as much as it is the tactic used to entice […]

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January 28, 2012 Off reports the netbook is easier to be bad than notebook

By in Automotive

Beijing time on November 18 afternoon news, according to the PC World “website reported today, the electronic products SquareTrade guarantee company’s latest report shows, 31% of notebook computers in the three years after purchase malfunction. The report shows SquareTrade, on average, 31% of notebook computers in the three years after purchase malfunction, two-thirds (20.4 per […]

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January 26, 2012 Off

Legal Pc Satellite Tv – Satellite Tv for Pc

By in Television

It is possible to watch pc satellite tv in a legal way without the need for monthly fees like you pay for satellite tv. It doesn’t require buying expensive hardwares used by satellite tv or cable tv like dish, antenna, decoder and tv card. What it only requires are a pc or a laptop and […]

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January 23, 2012 Off

How to Choose a Mini Laptop Or Netbook Computer

By in Computers And Technology

Mini laptops or netbooks are the new category of laptops, they are designed as a secondary system that you can carry anywhere you go. Their size is a little bigger than a paperback book, they weigh less than 3 pounds and have battery-saving features. Mini laptop displays are about 7 to 10 inches together with […]

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January 14, 2012 Off

What is the Difference Between a Netbook and a Laptop?

By in Computers And Technology

There are notebook, there are laptops, and there are netbooks. Many people are aware of this, but most people could not tell you difference between the three. The netbook is the baby of the bunch: younger, smaller and a lot less mature. A netbook, simply put, is a smaller notebook computer. They are called “net” […]

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January 6, 2012 Off

Dell latitude d610 has black screen while plugged in. How do I get it to turn back on?

By in Other - Computers

My kids used the dvd drive to play a new pc game, and when I went to use the laptop again, I can’t get anything to come up on the screen. My son says he pushed the “off” button. I have tried putting the disc back in, but still nothing. It is a wireless pc, […]

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January 4, 2012 Off

Difference between Virus and Worm

By in Security

There is a continuous development of computers and intent technologies but in the mean time all these developments  on one side leads to the development  in the various fields  for example  education , communication and  business, but  on the other  side it caused several  threats  on the Internet such as virus, trojan horse, worm, and […]

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January 1, 2012 Off

Hidden Object Games Review: Paranormal Agency

By in Computer Games

Paranormal Agency is a typical hidden object game. You look for hidden objects in order to advance to the next level in the game. In Paranormal Agency, the hidden objects can come in the form of outlines to match, words, or a theme.  The themes can be anything from light sources to ghosts. Paranormal Agency […]

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