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The Benefits of Child Oriented Laptops

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The more our society advances towards the electronic age, the more we need to start our children out at a younger age on laptops so that they become familiar with the technology. Let’s face it anything we can do to give our children a “leg up” in the world is worth our time and investment. And many of the large children’s toy manufactures have realized this and are gearing computer laptop educational toys towards the younger kids of today. 

The younger child friendly laptops have larger knobs and bright colors to help keep our children’s attention a little longer.  Plus they are integrating our best beloved characters into the software.  Who wouldn’t want to learn something from Winnie the Pooh?  They are able to play with the characters of some of their favorite books and toys while learning skills such as eye hand co-ordination and manual dexterity skills. 

The laptop becomes fun for all involved.  Parents working with their children to learn a new skill and kids learning some things on their own once they are shown how to play with their new computer.  Personally, I think this is a much better choice than just sitting your child down in front of the TV watching something that may or may not stimulate their learning process in the correct way.  

Children see their older siblings and parents working on computers and want to copy them .  It is something that has been happening in our society for a very long time.  Kids like to mimic anyone, whether it is something bad that they see you or teenagers do, think smoking, cussing, breaking things or seeing something positive like giving hugs, planting plants, creating gifts or working with some type of fun software on the computer, laughing and having fun in life.  I would much rather have my child learn fun productive things than  thinking it is cool to smoke and cuss. 

I don’t think children should spend the majority of their time on any type of computer or even indoors for that matter.  Everyone needs sunshine and the cool thing about laptops of any size, you can take them outdoors and play with them there also.  We all need the vitamin D that the sun provides, about 20 minutes worth daily.  It is good for our bodies and our soul to be outside enjoying nature.  Take the laptops outside, sit at a picnic table and enjoy both.  Then close everything up and go run around chasing your child and laughing.  We must teach balance in all things.  
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