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How do you earn money when your kid?

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I’m 11 and need $ for a laptop but I don’t want my parents to pay for itAbout the Author: Check out more information on bath wedding favors

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Educational Videos and Educational DVDs Lend to Interactive Learning

By in Reference And Education

Educational videos have been a staple in interactive classroom learning for years, with no end in sight. While these activities may be changing to include educational DVDs, teachers are now relying on interactive skills to introduce other new technology into their classrooms. An interesting example came out of the Escambia County public school district in […]

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Home Network How To – What Kind Should I Use?

By in Computers

When I first started in computers, one of the most confusing things that I ran across was how to set up a home network. The differences between hubs, routers, Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) and cabling were a mystery to me. But after much trial and error and built-up experience I managed to figure things out […]

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Thinkpad Screen Repair – What’s Involved?

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Oh no, you say your laptop screen is giving you problems? That could be an issue that all laptop owners may run into from time to time during the life of their laptops. Thinkpad Screen Repair can involve several parts and getting to them. It could be the inverter, or the lamp, that many call […]

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How To Receive Live Satellite Feed On PC or Laptop

By in Communications

Looking for ways to watch live satellite feed on your PC or laptop? Traditionally, people make use of hardware known as PCTV cards. However, there is a revolutionary alternative to that now. It comes in the form of software that enables PC or laptops to stream live satellite feed with the use of broadband network. […]

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How to Use Authentication When Synchronizing to a Ntp Server

By in Security

NTP or Network Time Protocol to give it its full name is an internet protocol designed to distribute precise time around a network. NTP is a UDP based protocol used to synchronize system time on network infrastructure, such as servers, workstations and network equipment . This article describes how to utilise the Network Time Protocol […]

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