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Read It – Before Buying Antivirus Software

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Today computer has become one of the most inseparable parts of our lives. Most of all people cannot survive without working on computer. It is used in everywhere be it in schools, universities, offices or at homes. But now the computers especially those which have internet connection are not at all secure. There are a number of people who try to serve their malicious business using computer. These people are called hackers. They craft some malicious software which sneak into the computer of innocent people without their knowledge or consent.  The sole intension of them is to scare people and scam their precious money.

If you are a regular computer user and concerned over the security of your PC you should have the necessary security measures such as antivirus and anti-spyware software installed in your system.

Every single day a new virus is being crafted by the hackers and it infects almost 8 out of 10 computers.  Once a PC gets infected with virus it becomes slow and eventually gets damaged. But the more harmful thing is that there are some viruses that can steal all you personal online information and keep your identity at risk. Therefore, it is necessary to install a good antivirus software to prevent such virus attacks.

Apart from virus attacks you have to be careful about the spyware attacks as well. Spyware are more harmful than virus. It is crafted to log your keystrokes and browsing habits to steal all your personal online information such as your bank account or credit card details and sent it to the hacker who has created it. Therefore, it is important to have anti-spyware software than antivirus software.

Moreover, there are lots of hybrid threats which have the features of both spyware and virus. Conficker is the latest example of this kind of hybrid threats. Therefore it will be good for you to install both antivirus and anti-spyware software to ensure the safety of your computer.

If you are looking forward to install proper security measures instead of buying an antivirus software you should buy the security software. It can provide you complete solution and defend both spyware and virus attacks.

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