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What would you do if your spouse does not spend enough time with the kids?

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Ok what I mean is what would u do if your spouse feels that work is enough and on their off day which is 3x a week do not take any responsibility to spend atleast 30min let alone 10min to spend time with their toddler son/or daughter (in this case its only one child)so you can have a break atleast to eat or breath (I’m only asking for 10min!). But instead they go to the room and close the door and stay in front of the computer for 3-4 hours,or talk on the phone, or stay in the bathroom for 1hr with the laptop (I kno wierd) and only come out when its time to eat lunch or dinner. Also you and your family keep trying to convey the message to your spouse repeatedly but polietly that they should spend more time with their kid, but they pull the same old phrase “O I work and bring money to the house I shouldn’t have to work at home also”…I myself is a bit confused in what to do?
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