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Netbook Deals For Black Friday

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Netbooks have grown a lot in the last years. Even though they didn’t even exist in early 2007, this type of mini laptops are now responsible for more than 20% of notebooks sells all over the world. That means they become very very popular in a short period of time, and their popularity is raising everyday.

That happened because, unlike the regular laptops, netbooks come with a series of advantages: they are cheaper, smaller, lighter and provide better battery life. On the other part, hardware inside, performances and sometimes ergonomics (for the keyboard and touch-pad) are not that good, but hey, I’m pretty sure most of us don’t even use a laptop for anything else than regular applications, and those can be easily run on a netbook also.

As I’ve told you, netbooks are pretty cheap. You can get a decent one for as low as 300 bucks, although there are some with better hardware that can go up to $800 bucks. If you want to be able to run anything you want decently, a modern OS like Windows 7 and maybe some games, I would advice you not to buy entry level or mainstream such mini laptops. But instead go for the better ones.

The good part is that winter sales period in on its way right now, and I’m pretty sure there will be some very good offers on such netbooks, probably the most during Black Friday Deals 2009 day, on late November . I for one reckon mainstream netbooks will drop below $300 (they currently retail for around $350), while the better 11.6 inch ones with CULV processors and maybe Nvidia ION will drop at least $70 bucks from their price, but only on a limited time.

That because most such best mini notebook computers are as cheap as they can be already. Thus, selling them with big discounts will not be convenient for producers, producers whom already don’t really appreciate netbooks for their low margins of profit.

We’ll just have to wait for Black Friday and the other special days in the winter sales season to see how good deals we will be able to get on netbooks this year.

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