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Online Nursing Degrees – The Right Choice For You?

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Online nursing degrees are growing in popularity as more people rush to enter the lucrative, highly in-demand field of nursing. Online degrees offer some wonderful advantages. You can take classes at whatever time of day is convenient for you. You can work full-time and still earn a salary while getting your degree. You can bring […]

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Penguins & Netbooks – Budget Solutions For Education Birthed by Innovation!

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One of my podcasting co-hosts, Mark Gura, and I have been intermittently discussing the $100+ laptop project for the last two years on our popular bi-weekly series. If you happen not to be familiar with the $100 laptop project; it has been spearheaded by Nicholas Negroponte formerly of MIT. The importance of it is the […]

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Finding Preschool Educational Toys For Your Child

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Preschool educational toys can be as simple as blocks, puzzles, memory games, and plastic food. They can also be more involved with the newest technology where you child sits down to watch videos and follow along with books. The choice is yours. Below we will be looking at how a few of these Preschool Educational […]

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New Kids On The Block Concert Pics? Calling All Blockheads!:)?

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calling all blockheads! so i sent my laptop in to get fixed but no one told me i would loose all my pictures…so i lost my nkotb concert pics and was wondering if anyone would send me some? Thanx in advance xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxoxoxoAbout the Author: Check out more information on going green tips

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Student Discount On Laptops

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Currently, laptops and notebook computers are being used to a great extent in educational institutes. With a laptop or notebook computer, students can connect to the network in the college and work on personal computers. Many manufacturers provide student computer discount offers. Though some of these offers are available only through official channels from the […]

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What is a Flash Drive Used For?

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If your use of computers goes anywhere beyond entertainment, you will find that there are plenty of reasons for you to take a look at flash drives. Flash drives are essentially devices that give you access to portable memory; they can provide you with storage for your data and you will find that when you […]

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