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Refurbished Netbook

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Refurbished netbook – is a new or almost new netbook that had been returned by a customer or it may have been flagged as having some sort of defect. This defect could have been down to there being something missing like the box or manual, a scratch, a faulty part or maybe just demo/ex-display, usually the defect is minor. As already stated the netbook may have been the result of a refund/return by a customer. The store in which that customer had purchased the netbook most likely had some kind of return policy in place such as a 30 day returns policy. When the netbook is returned it needs to be fully inspected for faults etc. And because of it being a return with the box being opened and what not, it can’t be sold on as new. But the store owners or suppliers need to sell it on so they label the netbook as refurbished.

Regardless of the reason for a netbook to be stamped as refurbished, you should know that it being refurbished basically means it’s as good as new. The netbooks are tested and analyzed for faults and problems and only when they have passed manual inspection they are then approved and put on sale. You might be reassured to know that there are accurate statistics that show refurbished netbooks have a far lower defect rate than brand new netbook computers. Apparently only a small number of netbooks which are returned for repair are actually refurbished ones. This makes complete sense because netbooks that are refurbished are put through manual human testing where brand new netbooks are mass produced. Manually testing every single netbook they produce would take an extremely long time to accomplish. So it’s quite possible that out of the thousands of netbooks a manufacturer may produce that there will be some defects that go unnoticed

So Why buy a brand new netbook when you can buy a netbook that is almost as new if not new for the better price? Buying a refurbished netbook can save you as much as 80 percent! Many consumers who have stumbled upon the money saving bargains to be had when buying refurbished may never buy anything new ever again. There are two things that consumers consider when purchasing a used or brand new netbook. With a new netbook you get a full manufacturers warranty. This gives the buyer peace of mind that if in any case their netbook got damaged, they would be able to return the netbook for a full repair. And with a used netbook they are able to buy one that is a heck of a lot cheaper in price than purchasing one new except without the full warranty of course. But with refurbished netbooks you reap the benefits of both worlds. Netbook companies are highly confident about their refurbished condition netbooks that they will even include a full warranty for it.
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