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Smart Phones As a Means of Education

By in Communications

Smart phones are not merely for entertainment. It can be utilized to support the educational system. Frankly speaking, in past school children had to depend on the pen, pencil, notebook for writing or making graphs. The big size black board was found hanging from the wall. Teachers needed chalks duster for writing on the black […]

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Short Ad Writing Secrets For Google AdWords

By in Computers

Does a successful Internet write-up need a strong keyword? What are the keywords that you need to catch the right traffic and audience for your article? It is true that you need to know basic short ad writing secrets in order to attract the right traffic or people to see your online advertisement or published […]

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March 13, 2010 Off

Refurbished Netbook

By in Computers And Technology

Refurbished netbook – is a new or almost new netbook that had been returned by a customer or it may have been flagged as having some sort of defect. This defect could have been down to there being something missing like the box or manual, a scratch, a faulty part or maybe just demo/ex-display, usually […]

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my husband left me and the kids about 8 1/2 month ago do you think he will come home or will we divorce?

By in Marriage & Divorce

he only talk about a divorce once or twice but have no paper that i seen when i ask he told me they are in this laptopAbout the Author: Check out more information on bride and groom gifts

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March 2, 2010 Off

When will PC users realize that Apple is the preferred brand of NASA?

By in PDAs & Handhelds

HAHA, I’m just kidding… But seriously, since these Apple computers are so well built why is it that the ISS is only officially occupied by the inferior non-Apple brands of laptops? Don’t they know that UNIX is an exclusive Apple property?

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