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9 Reasons to Buy the Asus Eee 1005HA 10.1 – Inch Netbook (Windows 7 Starter)

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1.Great Specs: The 1.6Ghz processor and the 1GB RAM (2GB max) is more than enough for running everyday computing tasks such as surfing the web, checking emails and watching videos. The truth is many laptop models in the market today have many specs and features that we will barely use. The Asus Eee 1005HA netbook is downright one of the most practical laptops ever made! It has a set of competent specs, looks great and is very well priced.

2.Small Size: The size of the netbook has greatly contributed to its success and popularity. This netbook model measures at around 10.31 x 7.01 x 1.3 inches. It is also very light, weighing at just 2.81 pounds. This is one tiny machine that you can bring around with you wherever you go!

3.Even Smaller Price Tag: Despite being so functional and practical, the netbook costs just a fraction of a regular laptop’s price. Currently, the Asus 1005HA netbook is selling for just around $381 per unit. Besides being very affordable, this model gives great value for your money considering its price-to-features ratio.

4.Gorgeous Design: Earlier this year, Asus has revamped the design of its netbooks. This model now sports a very sleek and sexy design. Its design is inspired by the seashell where the thickness of the netbook tapers down as it reaches the sides. The 1005HA is just one of the best-looking netbook in the market.

5.Comfortable Keyboard:They size and comfort of a netbook keyboard has always been a big issue. They keyboard on the 1005HA was very comfortable to use. They shift keys are in the perfect positions and it almost fells like typing on a full-sized keyboard.

6.Great Connectivity: This model comes with 3 USB ports, a VGA port, audio jacks, LAN port, 802.11 b/g/n wi-fi and Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity. Not bad for a tiny netbook!

7.Plenty of Storage:The new Asus 1005HA netbook comes with a larger 250GB hard drive. If this proves to be too little you can also make use of the 500GB Asus WebStorage. That is a total of 750GB for storage!

8.Energy Efficient: The netbook uses much lesser energy than a desktop or laptop PC. Thanks to its small size and energy saving Intel Atom processor, the netbook is one of the most environmentally friendly PCs that you can own.

9.Ultra-Long Battery Life:The Asus 1005HA has one of the longest battery life among any laptops made. This netbook can last up to an amazing 10.5 hours on one full charge. This means that you can easily use this laptop on a long flight/trip without worrying about finding a power socket.

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