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Kids from low income neighborhoods.

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As the end of the school year approaches us in May, kids will be looking for other things to do to pass their time away. In fact, kids may be doing things that they are not supposed to be doing. Those things include drugs, fights, robberies, thefts, larceny, and possibly gang-related violence.

It is no secret that the crime rate goes up during the summer months when kids are out of school. They run around the streets during all hours of the day and night. Kids from low income neighborhoods are especially at risk for such activity. They usually do not obey curfews.

Law enforcement is reluctant to pick these kids up off the streets because there are too many of them or unless they commit a really serious crime.

What are we to do guard ourselves?

Education is definitely out of the question because if these kids have been in school during the school year, they should know better to get a job during the summer or continue their education by taking summer classes.

How can we guard our safety?

We can educate ourselves by not going to places where there is a lot of criminal activity. We must also educate ourselves on personal safety at all times by carrying a personal defense device such as pepper spray or stun guns.

Pepper spray and/or stun guns are very good choices for personal defense because they are affordable and effective against your attacker. A gun or firearm is ok too. But in this day and age, you need a hard-to-get permit to carry a concealed weapon. If you are ever caught with a gun in your waistband and do not have proper documentation, that could mean a 3rd degree felony for YOU and/or jail time in some states.

Pepper spray is a good defense weapon of choice because, it is small and concealable. It only takes one squirt into the attacker’s eyes to cause severe burning and itching in his eyes. If the pepper spray goes into his mouth or his nose, heaven forbid, he will undergo profuse coughing and have severe respiratory difficult.

Another advantage that pepper spray has is the range of the blasts that this weapon can produce. One does not have to be in close quarters combat to use the spray in the attacker’s face. Some pepper spray models have an 8-10 feet firing range. You can be at a considerable distance from your attacker and fire this weapon into his face. This will temporarily disable him so that you can run away and call police.

A stun gun is another good weapon of choice for personal defense. It too is small and concealable and can put out tons of voltage to disable your attacker. Unlike pepper spray, a stun gun once used on your attacker can cause immediate electrical shock to him thus disabling him and putting him on the ground.

Kids doing a gang initiation will try to find the weakest victim they can, preferably elderly and women. It is always best to be concerned about your safety by packing a stun gun or a canister of pepper spray. That way, if you are ever caught by some goon who wants to take your wallet, at least you have some sense of security.

Perhaps the best weapon against crime is your education on how to avoid crime. Know not to drive or walk in places that are known to be drug infested. Do not talk to strangers who approach you and ask you for a dollar or some loose change. All he is looking for is a wad of cash that he can snatch from you once you pull it out.

If you get off work late at night, ask for a walking buddy to accompany you to your car, especially females. There is safety in numbers. Otherwise, carry your stun gun, or have your pepper spray ready while walking alone.

Crime will be on the rise during the summer months, and it is best to be prepared for anything.

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